July 5, 2012

independence day 2012

We spent our Independence Day doing our "usual" San Diego festivities at Coronado Island. It's our favorite. In all fairness, that's the only thing we've done since we moved to San Diego but we just love it so much. This year we braved the crowds in the morning and went to the parade.
Marcus and Ashley and my parents were all in town for the 4th so we spent all morning waiting for the parade to start. Marcus and David got us primo spots and even though it drizzled a bit it was still fun. My Arizona family was freezing! Ha!
the hugest Clydesdale horses I've ever seen.
The parade was fun. It was really patriotic and I won't lie - I cried a few times, even when I jokingly mock-sang "God Bless the USA" along with the float as it passed by.
my mom holding the baby and worried about his body temperature the whole time.
cutest fire truck.
the Iowa Jima Memorial reenactment.
We laid out a few blankets at our usual spot at the Ferry Landing in the park, overlooking the bay. Anticipation was building as it got closer for the fireworks to start. 
my parents are so cute.
We ordered hamburgers from a local restaurant, talked, took walks along the bay, people watched and finally at 9:00 the most spectacular burst of fireworks lit up the sky. It was the most intense shot of fireworks I've ever seen and William started screaming. David held him for a few seconds until they stopped and then we waited. And waited. And waited. No more fireworks. Soon people started packing up and leaving! Finally, after waiting another 30 minutes we decided the fireworks must have been cancelled and we left. When we got home we turned on the news and it appears that the entire 18 minute firework show all exploded at once. It was kind of a big to-do here in San Diego. Pretty disappointing but those 15 seconds were really amazing.
where was William? Not liking his family at the moment.
William promptly passed out as soon as it finished and Fritz was out cold (he was so tired that he even slept until 5:00 am!)
It was another great Independence Day in San Diego. I love living here and I love America!


  1. I don't even "know" you, but when I heard that on the news (from here in Kansas!!), I thought of you guys! Hope that's not too weird! :)

  2. Yeah, the "Big Bay BOOM" is such an understatement of what actually happened this year. Really incredible for being a huge mistake, but a total bummer for everyone who had been waiting for a beautiful show all day long. Glad your 4th was so fun anyway!

    (And P.S. I cry at patriotic parades too.)

  3. too many cute pictures! i cant decide what to comment on. but you look radiant and i love grandmary and boss!!


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