July 9, 2012

summer 2012

So far, this summer has involved lots of . . .

baby in adorable bathing costumes (he's "whale-y" cute!),
resisting taking off my cover-up at the pool,
grilling chicken and vegetables,
soft, chunky baby asleep, wrapped in a towel, at the pool,
finding a lone peach on our tree (and painting my nails fluorescent orange),
outdoor entertaining with family guests,
toddler wiped out on the couch from all the said swimming and general excitement.
It's been a good summer so far and I'm so incredibly grateful that I live in San Diego and not in Arizona at this time of year. We don't have air conditioning and, yes there are a few days that I wish we did, but almost every day I die at how lovely the weather here is in the summer - I didn't realize that summer could be nice until I moved here. Plus, it's an added bonus that all my family comes to visit because we're such a close distance. A win-win for me!


  1. I'm glad you're having a wondeful summer! I wish I could've been a part of it all! Hopefully I'll be home in time for our annual Christmas party! Love you Mama!

  2. Read your blog for years but never commented. De-lurking to say that I think you're stunningly gorgeous and shouldn't be ashamed of your body at all. You made life with that body! You're *sustaining* life with that body. Work it, girl!


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