July 26, 2012


My in-laws took William to their house for a long weekend and it was really strange not having him around. It was like having one child again, which made it easy to be able to get some things done, but I missed my guy! We FaceTimed with him on Sunday afternoon and he was running around the house showing me everything and saying, "Look mama!" I just love that kid. 

I think Frederick really enjoyed some quiet, uninterrupted time with Mom and Dad. I think he also really enjoyed not being laid on to of or having random toys put on his head by his brother . . . wait, I just filled in for Will. 
 I have seriously cute boys. Just look at them bonding. My heart!
Now, excuse me while I go to the beach for David's family reunion. Then I'm off to Bluewater Days next week! I can't wait!!!!!

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