May 17, 2012

spring fest 2012

Over the weekend our neighborhood had a local fair called "Spring Fest". We went last year and had a good time so we decided to go again this year. The fair had a fun parade with clowns, marching bands from local schools, fun vintage cars, produce from our local market, an ice cream booth (cookies and cream for me and Mexican chocolate for David) from our favorite hippie ice cream store in San Diego, carnival rides and tons of booths of local vendors and such. I love our neighborhood. As I stood in the shade of the huge trees at our park watching the parade, I looked around at the hundreds of people and felt so good that these people were my neighbors. Everyone was so nice and happy. People are generally really good, you guys. When I get really worried about the state of the world (which is a lot these days while raising little boys) this kind of thing was comforting to me.

David's parents joined us and it was fun to have them there with us. William always has a great time when they're around. He did throw more than one or two tantrums as it was too close to naptime, but all in all, it was pretty cool. He enjoyed a root beer shaved ice on the front porch with Grandma after we walked back home in the hot sun.
Fritz just hung out in the moby wrap while I sweated to death. I'm in for a rude awakening this weekend when I go to Arizona for my nephew's wedding. If I didn't love my family I would never be leaving 70 degrees for 100 degrees . . . in May. Oh boy.


  1. OH, but I'm sooo glad you are coming!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun... I LOVE neighborhood events like that! And I'm super jealous about the Mariposa ice cream. It's our favorite too. Gotta love the decor in that place!

  3. This is awesome! I love the Bryants! I am from Brawley (although living in Utah now, my parents are still there), El Centro is in my home ward stake. You married into a great family. :)

    Your boys are so cute too btw :)


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