May 16, 2012

growing up: 6 weeks

I'm seriously in love with my baby. Sometimes I feel guilty about how much I love him but I know that's silly. It's amazing how holding him and kissing him and looking at him makes everything else in my life seem perfect. I sometimes wish I could have a million more babies so I will always have access to this feeling. But then I remember how hard everything else is about pregnancy and childbirth and sleepless nights (cause, you know, it's not that hard to remember last night) and it's evident that God gave us menopause for a reason.
Frederick is 6 weeks old and is smiling. Those smiles make my day. They make my heart skip a beat. They give me mommy butterflies and make smelling like throw up all day seem like not that big of a deal. Oh, how I love him!

By the way, look how much Frederick looks like William at the same age! It's uncanny! The only real difference I can see is their coloring. Will had red hair at birth and his eyes turned dark brown really fast. Frederick has olive skin, brown hair (though it has a tint of red) and it looks as though his eyes are turning blue. We'll see!


  1. He is truly the most beautiful baby! I have loved all your photos of him. My baby is 13 months old now. It goes so, so fast. :( Continue to enjoy every precious moment!

  2. So cute! Six weeks already, time flies. Don't feel guilty, Elizabeth. Your love will help him (and his brother) to grow up!

    Our sons are already 15, 12 and 10 years old. No babies anymore...
    Sometimes I wish, I could turn back the time


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