May 21, 2012

mail from sweden

I just returned home from Arizona for my nephew's wedding and I'll post about that later but let me just say that it is so nice to return home to find a little package from Sweden waiting to be opened from sweet Senja at Creairtive. Senja and I have become internet friends and I'm really hoping to meet her next year when we go to Denmark. She e-mailed me recently to ask what size Frederick is wearing and then mailed this adorable onesie (that I've decided he's wearing tomorrow - it's so cute!) along with some cute earrings that I'm assuming she made herself  and some Swedish chocolate. Let me just say that European chocolate makes me want to never eat anything American ever again. Isn't she so thoughtful? She's about to have her own little baby girl in a few weeks and I can't wait to see pictures of her!


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