April 15, 2012

now I need a nap

Still in that precious newborn/so-tired-my-eyes-are-going-permanently-crossed stage. But just look at this baby! I'm obsessed.


  1. Hello Lissy,
    I found your blog yesterday and was impressed by your work.
    But what really caught my eye?
    Your sons! Happy little feet of William with his adorable brown eyes. And then the newborn member of your family. He is sooo cute!

    Even when the nights are short, enjoy this periode in your life. It never comes back. Befor you'll know, they are 15, 12 (and as in my case 10)...

    Congratulations to the arrival of Fritz. He is adorable!

    Greetings from The Netherlands, Europe,

  2. Oooooh so cute Elizabeth!!! I think he really looks like William! Cute little boys you have!

  3. so so sweet!!!Your mother must be busting at the seems with all this newbornness floating around!!!! He is a doll!!!! much luv and hugs

  4. Precious!!! Congratulations! :)

  5. I LOVE this picture. You look so good, but why do you have makeup on? You're not supposed to wear that for at least a month [or in my case 6] after a new baby ;o)

  6. Blessings to you and your babies and husband.


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