April 22, 2012

newborn baby and newborn mama (again)

I always think that getting out of the house is going to be so good for my sanity, and a lot of times it is, but sometimes (usually near the end of an outing) it becomes apparent that leaving my nest was a really, really bad idea. Adjusting to life with more than one child has been difficult. William has been handling this "plus one" adjustment really well but even with his good behavior, he's still two and I still have a newborn who really loves to nurse and I really hate to cover up while I do that so we often stay at home where I don't have to put on a shirt all day and William watches a lot of movies while I drain my iPhone battery by lunchtime.
However, on Saturday, when David is home from work it seems a shame not to do something fun. So we ventured out to the zoo for a couple of hours right before closing time. It was surprisingly chilly and misty so we really bundled Frederick up and I think William was thrilled to be out of the house. We even got an up-close, backstage glimpse of an armadillo . . . but he screamed when it uncurled his body and the zookeeper let it walk around on the floor at our feet. I thought it was cute. Then we went to my favorite pizza place in San Diego, Pizzeria Luigi. Unfortunately they were out of my favorite slice (the Frenchie - honey ham, pear, bleu cheese, caramelized onions) but everything else we tried was delicious, including the best BBQ chicken pizza I've ever had. Yum!

By the time we got home that night and started to get William ready for bed, we realized he was feverish and shivering. The poor kid had a 102 temp and was breaking out in sweats. Staying up all night between feeding the baby and keeping cool cloths on William, made for a very tired family (William took a five hour nap today!) but I can't help but sigh with contentment every time I sit down to nurse Fritz and he wraps his tiny fingers around mine or when I lay down with Will and sing him "Golden Slumbers" and he strokes my neck while we snuggle. The love I have for my boys makes up for every exhausted, frustrating, makes-me-want-to-sob moment in my day. This feeling can't be described until you have a child, but oh, it's the best kind!


  1. Congrats again, Liz! He's so adorable. You are an amazing mama. Adjusting with each new child is so hard in it's own way. Don't be too hard on yourself- you may not feel like it, but you are a champ. Love you my friend.

  2. I loved having two. Watching them together makes it all the more sweet.

    Darling kids. :)

  3. had to comment, because that first paragraph is exactly how i feel... whenever i leave the house i realize it was a bad idea, i just want to stay at home with my shirt off to nurse, and i drain my iphone battery by lunch. haha!

    except i only have a newborn and not a toddler... i have NO idea how you mothers of more than one do it.

    your boys are darling!

  4. “…I can't help but sigh with contentment.” – That was a beautiful statement! I think it sums up the feelings of every mother in the world. Being a mother is a wondrous feeling. Seeing your kids well and healthy is also the most priceless gift you can receive. Taking care of them, especially when they are sick, can be tiring. But once you see them recover and become well, all those sleepless nights will just be a distant memory.

    Chalice Lindgren


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