March 15, 2012

a beach cure

We've been enjoying some lovely weather . . . oh wait, I can't even say that without laughing because it's lovely here all year long! But seriously, we finally had some beach weather - sunny skies and 80 degrees - so Will and I went with some friends to Coronado Beach. Eating sandwiches, talking about pregnancy and whatnot while watching my toddler play in the sun, sand and sea was a delight. Looking forward to summer is such a relief (as opposed to dreading it my whole life living in Arizona). Have I mentioned I love living here?
Will follows Boston everywhere.

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  1. Ugh! I am so sad I missed the play date! Looks perfect! Let me know when you go again... or if you want to come to "our beach" sometime soon. Sadly, looks like SD will be in sunny lockdown for the next week... :(


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