February 8, 2012

mom fail

A couple of months ago I took William to Sea World in the afternoon. It was a kind of rainy, cold day and turned out to be not the best day to go. However, since we have annual passes it wasn't that big of a deal. After we saw a few things I decided to take William to the children's area where they have a few small amusement park rides. These rides are slow, very unadventurous rides - perfect for small children. I parked my stroller and took Will up to the front of the flying fish ride (similar to the Dumbo ride at Disneyland but on a smaller, slower scale). He was so excited as we waited in line. He pushed his little face up against the bars with a big smile on his face as he watched the other children get off the cars. I told him to be patient and then it would be our turn. He was really good and didn't make a fuss. Well, soon it was our turn and the Sea World employee opened the gate as I said, "OK honey! It's our turn!" Just as I said that, with William's hand in mine, the employee asked, "Are you pregnant?"

Wah waaaaahhhh . . .

Of course, I couldn't go on the ride. It just never occurred to me. I felt horrible! Luckily I had sunglasses on while my eyes filled with tears as I had to lead my wide-eyed, confused toddler out of the area. He didn't cry but he was so disappointed. I tried to take him to the children's play area that he frequents every time we visit and it was closed due to rain water flooding. Then he was too small for all the other play areas, which disappointed him further as we measured him each time on those stupid markers. I felt horrible!
Finally, a couple of weeks ago, David and I took William back to Sea World so I could make it up to him. I'm sure he didn't remember the previous time but I still felt guilty. He was thrilled when Papa took him on the ride. He's totally trying not to smile in this picture.


  1. Oh, that is so sad! Kind of stupid they won't allow a pregnant lady to go on such a slow ride! Ha ha! I'm glad you were able to fulfill his dream and took David along too! He's such a cutie!

  2. I just thought about your blog today and I thought I would see how you were doing. I was absolutely thrilled to see your beautiful baby bump. Congratulations on your heatlhy pregnancy and your soon-to-be addition! You deserve every happiness after suffering such a loss. Good luck to you in the last stretch and take care.

    Henry's Mom


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