February 10, 2012


I've been wanting a cookie jar for a long time. For me, it's one of those official "I'm a Mom" stamps. I didn't want just any cookie jar though. I wanted a vintage (surprise, surprise!), kitschy, comical one. Preferably of the pig variety because there's something almost poetic about a pig statue hiding a mound of cookies. Maybe that's my problem?

The one I fell in love with is the Shawnee Smiley Pig cookie jar. I love that he is fat and funny and just a little bit stuffy with his closed eyes and raised snout . . . but it's a collectors item and sells for over $600 on eBay. Alas, my dream of a family heirloom was not to be in this case.

So, I searched on Etsy for another kind of pig cookie jar and found this little piggy for less than $30.
pic via seller
Isn't he a stinker? I love him. He is currently housing the last sleeve of my Candy Cane Joe-Joe's perched next to my Irish teapot and collection of cookbooks. Hopefully my children will grow up remembering the fat, little piggie that held Mom's amazing homemade cookies and they'll fight over it when I'm dead.

I think I shall call him Arnold (because he reminds me of this cute character from William's favorite show).


  1. I love him...and your cookies...and you! xoxo

  2. I like your pig better than the expensive one! Isn't it funny what random things become collector's items???

    He looks like Wilbur to me, all white and clean. I love Charlotte's Web!


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