February 7, 2012

fried pickles and funny nonsense

I really hate to admit this but last weekend I went to Hooters . . . for girls night! That's right folks. The Hooters where the girls are ultra-skankified and they seat every table for guys on the list before 3 pregnant girls and 3 non-pregnant girls. Really, that happened. We waited over an hour and a half because they were skipping over our name on the list to seat the men. Finally we realized what was going on and my sassy friend complained to the manager (a man!) Obviously, they seated us right away (in the farthest corner of the restaurant) after we called them out.
So many funny things happened that night! These may be "you had to be there" kind of funny experiences but they had us cracking up all night long and I don't want to forget them. First, one of my friends is about to have her baby (today!) and she was craving fried pickles. Apparently, Hooters has the best fried pickles out there and so we obliged to go with her. I had never had fried pickles before but they actually sounded really good to my pregnant belly. I'm happy to report that they were delicious! I wonder if I'll like them as much once I have this boy. Anyway, on to the funny part. I had mentioned that I was at Hooters having these fried pickes on my Facebook status. In response to one friend's comment about my being at Hooters, I made this awesome auto-correct mistake. It still makes me laugh.
The whole place was packed that night! Full of a bunch of guys who were watching a UFC fight and drinking beer. As we were waiting to be seated one of the Hooters girls approached us about a raffle they were holding that night. If you filled out a card your name would be entered into winning prizes like a $50 gas card, a free dinner for two and "other things". Well, a couple of my friends filled out these said cards, including my friend Kristi. After we had been seated and were enjoying our fried pickles they called out Kristi's name along with what she had won . . . a Hooters girl calendar! Of all the names to be chosen out of a ton of men and of all the prizes to be given, she won this! The best part was all the dirty looks she got from the men she walked passed to get her prize.
After we had payed the bill I had to go to the restroom and my friends stayed at the table until I got back. As soon as I arrived back at the table, they were all dying of laughter and said, "You missed it!!!" Of course, I was bummed about missing anything funny but they all started pushing me through the crowds to the exit saying, "We have to leave - RIGHT NOW!" As soon as we got outside they explained that a rather large, kind of creepy man had been sitting at the table behind us (all three pregnant girls had sat on one side of the table) and while I was in the restroom, had come up behind one of my friends and wrapped his arms around her belly and started caressing it while saying, "Oooohhhh. I just loooooove pregnant women." Then he moved on to my other pregnant friend and did the same thing - getting up in her personal space and rubbing on her belly while talking about how he just thinks there's nothing more attractive than pregnant women. Of course, they ushered me out of there as soon as I got back in case he decided to get up in my pregnant business too!

Anyway, it was a fun-filled night. I will likely not be going back to Hooters again but maybe I'll order some fried pickles to go.


  1. I have been reading your blog for years! I have LOVE your recipes and your updates on mothering AND pics of William (seriously, that is one cute kid)...but this post just made me LAUGH! I like people with a little chispa (spark, spanish...sorry, old habit). You certainly have Chispa! I should have seen it before, but this just confirmed it!

  2. ok, that story about that guy made me literally laugh out loud! Awesome!

  3. You should submit that auto correct to the Ellen Degeneres show's Clumsy Thumbsy. She spotlights those funny auto-corrections.

    This post really makes me wish we had a Hooters in our town just for the ridiculousness of having girls night there.

  4. Like Connie, I am a long time reader and I love all your posts but this is by far my favorite one to date! I was laughing out loud while waiting in the carpool lane at school.

    Who knew Hooter's could be so fun!?!

  5. YESSSSSSSSSS! This is amazing! This kind of stuff never happens in Utah. You always get way more attention else where.

  6. Haha! wow. That was a funny night to remember. Fried pickels, bikini calender, belly rubs...oh my. I think we might just need to get those a-maz-ing pickels to go next time. But it does make for a great story :)


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