February 6, 2012

ready for football

I don't know too many girls who watch the Superbowl for the actual football watching. I mean, I bet there are girls out there who like football. I just don't happen to be one of them. However, I do "watch" the Superbowl because it's a fun excuse to get together with friends and eat food.
My friends invited us over for burgers and other good treats. We had a feast! Of course, I made homemade oreos again because I'm obsessed. All I did was use a cookie cutter after they were cooked and then piped the "stitching" on. I got lazy at the end there and only did the other layer of cookies in the shapes but it was all good.
Our hosts have two dogs that William is BFF with. He seriously loves these dogs more than any human I know. Maybe even me. He sits with them on their doggie bed and eats his dinner. He squeals with delight when they lick his face. He walks around the house holding onto their tails (much to my dismay). He follows them around until they pay special attention to them. Seeing how much he loves them really makes me want to get a dog. Maybe someday.
Speaking of dogs and the Superbowl, this was my favorite commercial by far.


  1. This last picture of William with the two dogs is adorable. Dogs are the best! They have such good hearts and they almost always love kids.

    Go for the dog! :D

  2. Those cookies look so yummy!

    I am not a big football watcher either. I am a wedding show watcher.

  3. These look so delicious. I must try this recipe!


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