January 19, 2012

saturday fresh air

Most Saturday mornings David takes William on a hike up Cowles Mountain to get a good work out and to give me a couple of hours of time to myself. They get really filthy and smell really bad when they get home but I love how they also get quality father/son time together and some fresh air.

I love this picture of William just relaxing and taking in the view.

P.S. I love living in San Diego . . . but it's still the desert even though we have the beach at our finger tips and 70 degree weather nearly every day, all year . . . Shhh, hear that? There goes the world's smallest violin playing the world's saddest song, just for me.


  1. i'm laughing because whenever i'm in san diego i think, "oh, it's SO lush!" but then, yes, that view does kind of look like phoenix!

  2. I just need to clarify because the workout thing is kind of one sided. I get the workout while Will rides in his plush hiking pack (similar to a sedan chair reserved for royalty); usually taking a quick nap on the way down because he's so tired from laughing at his father struggling to carry his 35lb body (along with water, snacks, toys....) up a mountain. But we do have a sweaty blast!

  3. teeehhheeeee I didn't understnd the violin until much later....then I roared laughing!!!!! You are too cute...I can say that because I am old! hugs~Donna from Massachusetts

  4. Do you know that a lot of the tree's in San Diego were actually planted by the mormon pioneers who settled there? I thought that was interesting. San Diego is a beautiful place... desert or not. It's still paradise to me.


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