January 23, 2012

bun in the oven

One of my best friends here in San Diego is having her 4th and final child - another boy. She is one of those people who is always positive, consistently a good friend, inspiring in many ways and lots of fun to be with. When I found out that she had never had a baby shower before (remember, this is her 4th child!) I was appalled so a few other friends and I put together this baby shower.

First, I made up this invitation. Lela loves gray and white chevron as well as red so that's where the inspiration came from (I used this shower as a reference for several ideas).
Then we brainstormed a few ideas for food and decor. The food?

Pulled Pork "Buns" (my recipe here) - with BBQ sauce and horseradish on the side (the shredded pork was on the bar island in a crock pot to keep warm and it was delicious! I didn't make it or else I'd share the recipe)
Greens with Beets, Goat Cheese, Dried Cranberries, Candied Walnuts and Honey Dijon Vinaigrette (I'll try to remember to post the recipe this week)
Veggies with Spinach Herb Dip
Potato Chips
Cheese and Cracker Tray (with several kinds of goat cheese - the mama's favorite)
Caramel Apple Salad (with Snickers in it, you guys!)
Pretzels and Cake Batter Dip
Lemon Bundt Cake (second attempt - successful!)
Red Berry Lemonade (gray and white straws here - flags made by me)
I also made these labels (that were supposed to look like ovens) that said "Ding! The bun is almost done! Thanks for coming!" that went onto mini boxes with a small sticky bun inside (which I made from my recipe here). One of Lela's friends (who was another hostess) did her maternity photos a few days prior to the shower so she printed several and framed them for the table. They look awesome!
This isn't the first baby shower I've helped hostess but it's the first that I've had such a good experience with! The other girls that helped hostess were so awesome, creative, helpful to each other and I had never even met two of them before this. I'm all about divvying up assignments for parties now. It makes it so much less stressful and I was able to actually enjoy the party. Imagine that! It turned out to be a really lovely party (even though it rained almost all day) and I'm so glad that our friend felt loved. She really deserves it!


  1. oh this is perfect! i love everything about it. and your dishes :)

    i don't think i will get this fancy baby shower here. the swedes are not that into decorations and labels, etc. but it is totally up my ally :)

  2. Looks like it was wonderful. Sorry I missed the memo on this entirely. Hope all goes well for all of the upcoming babies.

  3. You guys did such a great job! I'm so sad I missed it

  4. It really was the BEST shower ever!!! The food and decor was amazing and just my style :) You're such a sweet, kind, talented, wonderful friend Liz!!! I love you to pieces! Thank you to you and the other awesome hostesses!

  5. You all did such a good job! Everything was very cute!

  6. What a great theme! Loved everything about it! Very well done!!

  7. Ok, I was waiting to see what it looked like! I love all of it! I might need to hire you to help with my party throwing needs.... ;) and that cake, was fabulous.

  8. Love it. Everything looks great. I love all the printables. Do you do them all yourself?

  9. Love all the decor...can I get some more info (ie. recipes) for Caramel Apple Salad (with Snickers in it, you guys!) and Pretzels and Cake Batter Dip?! :)

  10. So cute! You are such a talented hostess, Liz. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh my goodness such a cute shower! You are such a good party thrower!

  12. so adorable! love it all! you are so talented.


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