January 11, 2012

auld lang syne - "it's a song about old friends"

We've had a ton of visitors lately and I love it! Most recently two of my best friends from childhood came to stay last week with their two babies. It was so fun to spend time with people who I have so much history with. I mentioned in this post that these two friends got married after years and years of being smitten with each other. It's not often that you see successful marriages out of high school sweethearts, much less elementary and junior high sweethearts.
William was rather smitten with their daughter, Kate (coincidence or destiny?) unless she touched his trains or got her foot to close to him in the stroller or basically did anything that he didn't want her to do. It was rather embarrassing but he made up for it by waking her up for dinner (homemade pizza) and giving her kisses. I died (and still do) over this video. I dare you not to.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of me with Tricia or Chase but trust me when I say that we had a great time staying up really late and talking every night. I had grand plans to play games and watch movies (we did watch a few segments of this and this) but mostly we sat around having great conversations over ice cream and then - BAM - it was midnight! Chase was here to do an interview for his residency so I'm really hoping they move here. Fingers crossed!

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  1. That's like you and me in the morning. Me talkative, happy, wanting pizza and you rolling over!


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