January 31, 2012

a fish(tail) story

At girls night last weekend we got on the topic of hairstyles "because we're girls and that's the kind of thing we talk about" (I explained to my husband the next day when he asked what we talked about until the wee hours of the morning). I am really, really bad at braiding hair. I guess my fingers just aren't coordinated that way. It makes me sad because I love all the pretty crown braids, braid headbands and braided up-dos all over Pinterest. I mentioned that I really want to do a messy fishtail braid but I didn't know how. One of my friends sitting next to me insisted that it was really easy but I doubted. Then she had another long-haired friend plop down in front of her and showed me how to do it. I got kind of excited because it did look fairly easy.
The next day, with my three-day unwashed hair (have you tried the dry shampoo yet?), I decided I would try it. It's not perfect and I need some practice (next time I think I'll do bigger pieces) but I'm pretty proud of it. When David told me twice that day that he liked my hair like that, I knew it was a success!

There's a great tutorial here, if you're looking for one.


  1. That looks GREAT! I have curly hair so can't pull it off (believe me, I've tried) but you've done a fantastic job of it! Looks stunning on you!

  2. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. It looks great on you!

  3. LOVE THIS liz...I have been wanting to do this for so long but my hair just isn't long enough. I'll live through you vicariously!


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