February 2, 2012

lovey love love

I'm not one to do much holiday decorating except for Christmas, and even then I'm pretty sparse compared to some other people I know, but when I saw Steph's cute wreath on her front door I got really jazzed about making it for Valentine's Day. I already had a bunch of red and white poms leftover from this party and this baby shower so I basically had to do very minimal work and finished it in less than 30 minutes - just in time for girl's night at my house this weekend!
It's rather large but that's part of the appeal. I couldn't put it on my front door because we just got a screen door (I'm surprised that I actually really like it - and I'm sure I'll love it this summer with no a/c!) and the door wouldn't shut with it on. So, I hung it in my living room and it's really fun.

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