January 9, 2012

new year's 2011

I know it's super lame to be posting New Year's pictures this late into 2012 but I want to document this or else I'll forget what we were doing New Year's Eve 2011. Even though it was really low-key it was still so fun. We spent the evening at our friend's house with a few other families and grubbed on potstickers, meatballs, cream puffs, cheeses, cookies and lots of Mexican Coke and Izze's. I laughed a lot and William played hard until 11 p.m. I was hoping he'd crash somewhere in the playroom and we'd be able to stay late but then I felt my eyes get droopy and started to (as my dad would say) "turn into a pumpkin". So we headed for home in the late evening fog and crashed into bed before midnight. I've never cared much about this holiday because it's really made for people more of the "party scene". However I really enjoy small, intimate gatherings like this one where you sit around and share stories, laugh at outlandish tales of college days and dating woes over delicious food with people you feel really comfortable with. Here's to another year filled with more evenings spent in the company of good friends!
the girl on the far right isn't me but my dear friend, Lela. crazy right? we look a lot alike I've decided.


  1. What a great picture of me. Yikes. Why is everyone laughing and I look...
    It was a great night. I love get togethers where you laugh so hard your stomach and cheeks hurt.
    We definitely need more of those nights in 2012!

  2. just when I was thinking... "what a great candid self-timer picture" I saw the little note on the bottom that the pretty girl on the right isn't you. :) yes, you do look alike.

  3. wow, you two do look alike! I thought it was you. looks like a fun, relaxing evening - the best kind.

  4. It's so flattering that anyone would think I look like Liz! You can definitely tell it's me though. I've got those chubby cheeks. Sigh...pregnancy is awesome :) Yes Kara! More fun nights to come!!!!

  5. i definitely had to look a second time to figure out if that was you or not. i bet ya'll get asked if you're related all the time, huh?


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