November 4, 2011

another craigslist score

So, here's my big project that "almost killed me". Yes, I exaggerate (often) but since I was worried about painting furniture while pregnant I used low VOC paint and wore a mask the whole time while working on this during William's naps in my garage. Even still, it was a pretty grueling process but definitely worth it in the end. This isn't my first rodeo with painting furniture but I have learned a few things about what works and what doesn't along the way - mostly with help from more well-seasoned bloggers who have done awesome tutorials (Bryn's helped me a lot). 

First, our computer has been living in our third bedroom (a.k.a. the guest room) and since that's probably where the baby will be sleeping I knew I needed to move it out of there. Plus, it's really difficult to get any work done (or LRTC watching) in there during nap time because the walls are really thin and it often wakes William up prematurely from his naps. And who wants a computer in a baby room anyway? So off to Craigslist I went to find a cheap computer armoire.
Within a few days of searching I found this one for $50. It's really heavy and has a ton of awesome features that I totally love (lots of pull out drawers and storage) but it was pretty ugly. Cheap looking veneer and awful black hardware but I had a plan! I had lots of left over paint from our last apartment (flat Valspar woodlawn sterling blue) so that was free. Then I bought some primer, lots of foam rollers (holy cow - what a difference from regular brushes!) and new hardware on sale from Anthropologie ($4 each).
It took two coats to get to this point and I was happy with the coverage so I put on some polycrylic and called it a day. I also spray painted the hinges silver, which helped a lot. I'm really happy with how it turned out and it's so nice to have my computer out in the living room so I can listen to my Spotify playlists while I clean the house and make dinner.
It also gave me an excuse to move my blue chair to one of the bedrooms. I've hated it in the living room ever since I recovered it so I plan to use it as a nursery chair with a slipcover on it. Any suggestions on stationary footstools that are super comfortable and look cute?
in the room.


  1. You seriously find the best deals! Love how it turned out!!! Super cute in the living room!!

  2. You are seriously AMAZING. Now can you find us one???

  3. Wow! I'm really impressed. You've got great luck on Craigslist-- I've never found such a nice piece of furniture for so cheap. And I love how it looks in your living room!

  4. That turned out to be quite charming. It looks white on my computer. Is it actually a light blue?

  5. Great find....looks great painted and love the knobs.

  6. whoa, I love it! nice job Liz!

  7. absolutely darling; i love how it coordinates so well with the room and those handles are fantastic. way to go.

  8. I saw the finished product and said "damn" out loud.

    And I meant it.

    Nicely done.

  9. woah, this is an amazing transformation! Such a great job and I love the look of the whole room!

    xoxo, ashley


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