November 7, 2011

birthday number two

We celebrated William's second birthday over the weekend with David's family. Willie received lots of gifts and was a lot more involved and excited about opening gifts than last year. We waited until he took his afternoon nap to start the party but when he woke up David and his dad were at the store so he had to wait about 30 minutes. He saw all his wrapped presents and so his aunts distracted him outside so I could hide them. Then he came running back into the house saying, "Where da presents? Where dey go?" He loved unwrapping and playing with all his awesome new toys.

He received a Skuut from David and me, a Little People farm from my parents, a toy power tools set, truck with small cars and books from David's family. Good loot! I took a ton of pictures and can't edit which ones to take out so I thought I'd just caption them with a few things that were making us laugh about his actions and expressions.
I know these guys!
oh, a book. great.
let's move on to this bad boy.
tools? awesome!!
but I can't get it out. assist me, if you will.
I rule at this.
get outta here!
what is this garbage? a box?
not a box! an awesome truck!

my eyes will captivate you into giving me more presents.

dang, didn't work. well, french fries are good too.
these weird people and their hats.
why are they still looking at me? awkward . . .

look at me blow!

greatest day ever!

I am officially "that mom" who captions her pictures in her kid's voices. Wow. Never thought I'd be here but here I am. The things we do when we become parents.


  1. Haven't the last two years flown by! Love all the birthday photos :) I've just bought the Fisher Price farm for my granddaughter's first birthday next Friday :) xx

  2. He is so precious! Love the last picture!! Happy Birthday to your baby!

  3. Adorable pics ~ Happy Birthday Will :)


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