November 3, 2011


Five years ago I was making my bridal bouquet as my sisters and I chatted around my mom's kitchen island.
Five years ago I was getting a pedicure with my best friend and giggling about the upcoming day.
Five years ago I was meticulously putting on my makeup in my parent's bathroom.
Five years ago I was putting on my wedding dress and feeling so beautiful.
Five years ago I was wearing the pearls David bought before we met for his future bride in the Philippines.
Five years ago I was smiling when I saw David in his suit.
Five years ago I was giggling as I looked at my handsome groom during the ceremony.
Five years ago I couldn't believe how perfect the day was.
Five years ago I was calm and so, so, so happy.
Five years ago I thought I could never love him more than I did at that moment . . .
Today I realize I was wrong because that love has grown ten fold.
I love you David for being constant, for keeping me calm, for making life fun, for being sweet to me even when it's hard, for being my friend and showing me love every day.


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