October 9, 2011

utah - part three

The last leg of our trip ended with a lovely, cold day in Provo. We walked around BYU campus and giggled as we overheard students flirt, get asked out on dates and even saw an interesting situation where a guy approached a girl he had taken on a date (hopefully not recently) and she announced she was getting married. Awkward. We bought chocolate covered cinnamon bears, salt water taffy and then enjoyed chatting with my brother and his family for the good part of the afternoon. It was nice to spend time with them in their cozy home with a roaring fire.
We met Mitch and Steve at Communal for a fabulous dinner. I've had Communal on my list of "must-eat"s for about a year so I was super excited. Turns out Mitch had the same goal and I'm pleased to say it did not disappoint (David especially enjoyed our pierogi appetizer). Such a lovely place to sit with friends and enjoy every bite! I love that kind of dining, where it's two hours later and you're shocked it's been that long.
Luckily, I hit two birds with one stone that night by also knocking one of the Rooftop Concert Series off my "list" and I was so pleased when I heard the fantastic, mellow sounds of The Lower Lights start playing. I could have listened all night, except now I really need to learn to play the banjo. It was a fantastic evening and a great way to end our trip.
Then it was back home. We had dropped William off with my sister in Phoenix when we changed planes from San Diego, so we stopped back in Phoenix to pick him up. We really only waited about an hour but I was incredibly anxious to see my boy so it felt like five. Pacing back and forth in front of security and picking at my nail polish, I had this feeling of the butterflies you get before a first date + terror that they would get in an accident before I got to see him again + concern that he would be mad at me for leaving him for a week + gallons of excitement and motherly love. When I finally saw him he gave me his classic shy smile from his stroller and when I knelt down to kiss him he jumped in my arms and wrapped himself around me and wouldn't let go. Oh, how I love that sweet boy! And I'm so grateful to have amazing sisters and their families who took him in like one of their own.

I'm so glad David and I got to spend a whole uninterrupted week together. It was a lot of fun and we're both glad that we're all home together again as a family!

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  1. uhhh. . . i as totally at that concert! wish I would've seen you!


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