October 6, 2011

utah - part two

The beauty up here has been so fantastic even though we've had some crazy town weather. The first few days were really warm. In fact it was warmer here than it was in San Diego which I was kind of bummed about but it gave us a couple of days to do some fun outdoor activities. We took some beautiful drives, bought squeaky cheese in Heber, attended the Salt Lake City Temple, ate at one of my favorite SLC places (Cafe Trio), saw My Fair Lady at the Hale Center Theatre (it was fabulous - go see it, if you can!) and enjoyed taking nerdy pictures of the leaves (please don't forget I'm pregnant).
it was really windy.
But then, we woke up to this fluffy, white stuff sprinkled on top of the mountain trees. That's right folks - it snowed in the night! And we're supposed to get something like 5 inches today! I feel like all my vacation dreams are coming true!


  1. Beautiful pics of both you guys....and the landscape :)

  2. I love that you are pregnant. and glowing. and having a blast with your honey. You deserve all three!

  3. So gorgeous!!!! Your pictures make me miss living in Utah! Hope you had fun!

  4. Liz, this is Hailey. Remember me from culinary school? :) Yes, I still blog stalk you. CONGRATS on baby #2 on the way. And I'm glad you're having a great anniversary trip. We are coming up on #5 as well and planning a much needed getaway as well.
    Anyway I have to ask if you were eating at Communal on Friday night because I swear saw you and David there. Drew and I were stuck in some slow moving traffic on Univ. Ave. As we were coming up on Communal I was telling him how much I want/need to go eat there again. Then I saw you guys...I think. I hope you enjoyed it. I plan to hit up their breakfast because I hear it is amazing (and less expensive).
    Sorry if this is really weird. haha I love your blog and William is adorable! Can't wait to see how cute the next one is.


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