September 20, 2011

we should get a bff necklace

Having Mitchy here with her husband and baby was so fun. It was incredibly sad when they left. We kept saying, "Who knows when we'll see each other again?" And that made me really depressed so I declared that we were no longer allowed to talk about it. I wish that we lived by each other! She is such a wonderful friend.

We went to the zoo which was really fun to share with someone who hadn't been there before because it's a really amazing zoo. Plus it was nice to all get in for free (I have an annual pass with some free passes) since tickets run $40 per person. It was lots of fun except when the leopard I was looking at threw up in front of me. That was not fun and I felt sick for a while after that.
maybe I should get SunMaid to sponsor this post?
We took them to La Jolla Coves and had a beautiful walk in the late afternoon. I know we made a good choice taking them there when Mitch kept saying, "Oh, I love this! I'm so glad we came here!" The children loved running around the park and looking at the seals that live in the coves. Then we took them to Burger Lounge for dinner because it's delicious.
I just loved having them around the house. William and Jordan played great and he even made a few moves on her (full on open-mouthed kisses and lots of hugs). It was innocent and adorable. On Sunday we all laid on a blanket in our backyard while Jordan played on the slide and then moved on to the hose. Then Steve and David went inside with the kids while Mitch and I got to sit and talk on the blanket like we used to (except we often took a weird ceramic dog with us and thought it was funny - oh college).
We had a bonfire at the bay and roasted hot dogs and s'mores. David brought some Reese's Peanut Butter cups to use for the chocolate and I am converted. So delicious! Not sure why David is attacking me in this picture but I often don't have answers to why he does things. It makes life fun and interesting.
they thought it was really fun to "sit" on the tree trunks.
I'm really hoping it's not another two years before I see my beloved Mitchy again but the distance between San Diego and Utah isn't around the corner. I'm just glad that I was able to have fun with her and her little family while we could.


  1. I love the giraffe sneaking into the family photo! :)

  2. Oh Lizzy, this post had me laughing + missing + so grateful that we were able to come and had such a good time. That visit was seriously the highlight of my summer. Thanks for being such a great host and making us feel right at home. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!


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