September 19, 2011

emotional movie watching

If I had to name one of the top three characteristics that I would use to describe myself one would have to be emotional. Unfortunately that word assumes negative connotations as well as positive and I'm guilty of just about all of them. Because I'm lead by my emotions I can sometimes be overly-sensitive, highly dramatic and annoyingly melancholy (even to myself). Luckily some of those traits have lessened over time and as I've grown up (and married a happy-go-lucky, eternal optimist) and I've also learned to study myself - find out what "stirs my emotional pot", if you will.
Polly Walker looks freakishly similar to Catherine Zeta-Jones in this film.
I watched Enchanted April the other day and had another revelation about myself as I took a mental picture of myself sitting on the floor, mouth a-gaping at the screen. I love movies but I'm very picky about what I like. Since there's so much trash out there I don't even think twice about half of what Hollywood produces. I like lots of movies, love a handful of others . . . and then there are a few that have influenced me and I will never forget how I felt when I watched them.

Without a doubt the most important, life changing movie for me is Shadowlands. I've mentioned my love of this movie before in this post about Harry Potter but the thing is, this movie affected me to my heart's core. I remember watching it as a teenager with my family and after it was through, I went up to bed without talking to anyone and felt raw. I had never felt that before. I've only watched it a few times and only with a select few people. It is the greatest (true) love story with such wonderful themes of hope, faith and everlasting love (what Sandra?).

My dear friend, Michelle, even gave me the DVD as a wedding gift (it's actually really hard to find) and it may have been the most meaningful gift I've ever received. If you haven't seen the movie and would like to, promise me this. Watch the movie either alone or with someone who won't want to pause, make popcorn or talk about something else. You have to really dedicate yourself to feeling the relationship of C.S. Lewis and his beloved, Joy. I may sound like a freak here but if you've read the aforementioned post above about Harry Potter than you've probably already come to that conclusion. Ha!


  1. GASP! You have "Shadowlands" on DVD! I'm supremely jealous. :)

    I just have to chuckle... we are SO alike in our movie preferences. I wished you lived here so we could have movie night together!

  2. I just watched the trailer for Shadowlands and I HAVE to watch that movie now! It looks superb!

    I agree with you about how hard it is to find good movies to watch nowadays. Steve and I both don't like to even watch violent movies anymore, I guess we went a while without watching them and we don't miss them at all. I love a good, inspirational movie. Have you seen 17 miracles yet?? It is truly amazing. And it's all about our pioneer ancestors! ;)

  3. I'm sold! will be finding a copy to watch...

  4. zzi am going to find this movie I am crying after just seeing the trailer...thanks for the recommendation!!

  5. Hi, I blog stalk you since you're so cute, but Shadowlands is one of my most life changing movies EVER too! I've been feeling like watching it lately (rain, dark clouds, cool temps) but I can't find my ancient VHS copy anywhere. So sad. I think I will see if I can hunt down a dvd...
    Congrats on the baby too!


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