September 21, 2011

house tour: living room (autumn edition)

I told you guys I was going to "cozy up" my living room for the winter season so I did. I have a small budget so I couldn't do a lot but I think I like it better than I had it before. The only thing I miss is my old chair (reupholster's regret). I don't like the blue and I think the old fabric would have looked great with this new arrangement. Oh well. You live and learn.
I was lucky enough to pick up the frames on the wall for $4.99 a piece (regularly $19.99 each) at Last Chance on my short trip to Arizona. Unfortunately I only bought five so I had a weird empty spot on the wall which I ended up filling with this plate. Then I just switched out some pillows for the ones in the guest bedroom and made the green chevron one out of some fabric I had in my stash. Small changes make a big difference.

Once Christmas time rolls around I'll be moving the blue leather chair to where the light blue chair is (which is moving to the guest bedroom) to make room for our tree in front of the huge window. Our front window is easily the best feature in the house. It's going to be so fun to drive up in the evening and see the tree light up. I'm really excited for the holidays but that's nothing new!


  1. i love it! i really like the way you combine color and patterns. just last weekend i wanted to sew some pillow cases for the couch and chickened out as i didn't know if the patterns matched.. :(

  2. I love your style! So fresh and lovely.

    I also love how you make subtle changes in your home that make a big impact! And on a budget! I really appreciate that!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like both versions, actually. Which means you have good taste in ANY season!

  4. Great job! I like the scale of the smaller framed art pieces around the sun rather than the two larger framed pieces on either side. And I love the new pillows to- I say it looks fabulous!

  5. I really like the arrangement over the couch!


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