September 16, 2011

we are friends, friends to the bitter end

Today is the day that my dear friend Michelle, her husband (and partner over at Twig Creative), Steve, and baby, J, come to visit. I'm really, really, really excited. I haven't seen her in over two years. She's never met Will and I've never met her little J. And basically, I'm meeting her husband for the first time too because I've only spent a few hours around him. I hardly know him at all. It's plain sad that I don't know two of the most important people in my best friend's life. Well, no longer!
at my wedding - 2006.
Michelle (I'm still getting used to calling her by her "real" name after years of calling her "Mitch") and I became friends when she moved into my apartment at the beginning of the semester in 2005. I liked her immediately and we lived together for a total of three semesters, two of which we shared a bedroom. She is the greatest, truest, sweetest, most patient and loyal friend you will ever have if you're lucky enough to call her that. I've blogged about her before here and here.
I was so thrilled when I found out she was marrying an artsy, creative guy - he's such a compliment to her own creativity! Then I started seeing some of their stuff, like this adorable camera (which we own), Steve's very own designed and handcrafted crib and the super cool anaPad. Basically I'm thrilled they're coming to stay!

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