September 25, 2011

cleaning out the camera

Here's a few random thoughts in pictures for you:
This boy was bit(ten?) at church on Sunday in Nursery. A full-mouthed, teeth-marked, skin-broken bite. When David brought him to me after church to my class he had a piece of licorice and was perfectly happy. His teacher said he barely cried and kept playing. It happens but I'm relieved that it wasn't him doing the biting.
My sister-in-law bought me these really cute earrings for my birthday from a favorite shop in Solana Beach called Bixby & Ball. We went together a few months ago and I mentioned that I loved them. She was sneaky and bought them for me while I dealt with William outside. So sweet!
I have never cut William's toenails. True story. They just fall off. That's normal, right? Such cute little nuggets.
I feel like I've been making Seven Layer Dip once a week lately because it's football season. I think the best trick I learned somewhere down the line is to mix in half a packet of taco seasoning to your sour cream. It makes it so tasty!
There's this really cute train outside the zoo that William likes to ride (for $1). It's kind of lame but also kind of fun. We made our friends, Eric and Megan (sitting behind me) who were visiting a few weeks ago, go on a ride too but it's ok because, well, I told you it's $1.


  1. Just made 7 layer dip a few days ago. I add taco seasoning to the sour cream and salsa to the refried beans. Yum.

  2. how how how on earth can you cook right now? id rather die, and i am serious.

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  4. Does Stephanie's comment mean that you are pregnant also?

    I love William's sleeping photo. Oh and your earring are so darling!

  5. DOn't you love that taco seasoning trick (adds so much flavor!)'s Jamie who showed me that one! Great tip indeed!


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