August 29, 2011

twenty-seven things

It's my 27th birthday today so I thought I'd share 27 things that I did in the past year of my life.
my 2nd birthday.
1. Went to New York City.
2. Went to Chicago.
3. Went to Arizona (several times).
4. Went to New Mexico.
5. Had our first family photo shoot.
6. My baby took his first steps.
7. Went to Disneyland twice.
8. Got pregnant.
9. Had a miscarriage.
10. Moved to our first house in San Diego.
11. Learned lots about how to garden (but I still have lots of room for improvement).
12. Perfected my lasagna recipe.
13. Captured the greatest video of William dancing.
14. Saw Harry Potter 7.2 three times (in the theaters).
15. Had tons of visitors at our new house.
16. David and I started hiking.
17. Unsuccessfully tried to start my own business (I'm going to try again next year for students).
18. Became obsessed with Lark Rise to Candleford.
19. Reupholstered a chair.
20. Spent hours on Pinterest (just like all of you!)
21. Read 17 books.
22. Attended a beautiful wedding.
23. Went to the fair.
24. Fell in love with at least ten new things San Diego has to offer.
25. Threw William's first birthday party.
26. Had several beach bonfires.
27. Hugged and kissed my boys dozens and dozens of times.

It's been a good year. Thanks for being around and sharing a lot of these things with me!



    hope you have a great one dear lizzy girl! Happy Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Liz!! Enjoy your day.

  3. Have a great day all to yourself... that's my dream birthday as well!

  4. Happy birthday!! 27 is such a great age. Everything changed for me when I turned 27 in a million good ways!

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    If I lived near you, or you near me, I would totally sign my kids up with you for music class!

    Have a great day and a blessed year!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  7. happy birthday Lizzy! i love your list!

  8. This will sound odd, but I mentioned to my mom that I would love to take a music class with you. I'm 22, a bit out of the range for your course. Oh, and I live in Utah. Details, details. :-D

    Happy birthday from a long time lurker!

  9. Happy Birthday!

    I remember reading about those music classes you were going to teach and thinking they sounded super fun!

    We live in LA and we'll be coming to SD with our 9 month old in September. Since you're from the area and seem to be doing a great job exploring the city with a baby (well, toddler now!), I was wondering if you had any tips on places to visit or good areas to stay with a baby.

    We've gone to SD a few times pre-baby and always stayed in the Gaslamp district but that doesn't seem practical now. Thanks for any tips & if you don't have time to get back to me, no worries! :)



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