August 30, 2011

good food, good friends, good birthday

On Sunday night we had some friends over to celebrate my birthday. I made this pizza on the grill, a little salad and a "100 Grand" birthday cake that was delicious.
cute napkins from house 8810.

probably should've used a knife to cut the cake.
It was really nice to eat outside and talk until the stars and our friendly salamander came out. I hate that thing. All in all, it was a good birthday.


  1. Thanks for having us over to celebrate your birthday! We had a great time and that cake was goooood (as was everything else) Happy happy birthday!!

  2. happy belated birthday. that food looks amazing...

  3. Can you post the recipe for that cake? It looks AMAZING!

  4. Happy Birthday, Liz!!! (Sorry it's late!) I love the darling candles, and your smile in the candlelight is gorgeous! And your food always looks amazing! We had a gigantic zucchini harvest from our garden this year, and I found your recipe for Chicken Caesar Wraps, and.....they were fabulous!!! Thanks so much for sharing such yummy recipes!
    Lots of love from your friend,

  5. I would love the cake recipe!

  6. I want a piece of that cake! Holy cow! Yum!! I'm so glad that you got to blow out candles and eat a delicious cake for your birthday!

  7. 100 Grand Birthday Cake???

    Where has this cake recipe been?

    I think I've been looking for it all my life....

    It sounds delish!

    Please share. (Or at least describe it so we can try to re-create it's awesomeness!!!)

    and HBD to you.


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