August 26, 2011

a quick trip (which is ironically the best gas station in az)

I've been a lame blogger this week. On Sunday night David was packing up to head to Colorado for most of the week and I thought, "Hey, instead of hanging around here by myself I think I'll go to Arizona and surprise Marcus on his birthday." I knew my mom was throwing him a party so I packed up in the morning and drove by my lonesome all the way to Mesa. It was so hot, I thought I would die. Of course as we rolled into town I noticed the billboards even had an "excessive heat warning" for the week. Great timing. Poor William kept trying to go outside (something he's used to being able to do all year) and every time he opened the door, he would cry. He also had a wicked heat rash, which confirmed that we are now officially wimps.
as soon as we got home, we went in the backyard and enjoyed some cool weather.

I took no pictures but I did have a really good time. My parents spoiled me with dinner at my favorite restaurant, my mom took me shopping at my favorite store (where I scored big time), I went to lunch with some of my awesome sisters and ate my favorite sandwich, got my hair did by my favorite hairstylist, sat down with my parents every evening and watched one of my favorite BBC series and generally had a great time with my family (William actually played with these boys for the first time - it was cute). We missed our favorite guy though and I'm grateful we all made it back together in one piece.

My birthday is on Monday and tomorrow is my "special day". I told David that all I wanted for my birthday was a day all to myself. I plan to go to the foot spa, get some taquitos from California Burrito, use my birthday coupon at Anthropologie and then take a nap. So exciting, I know, but it sounds perfect to me.


  1. Happy early Birthday! Hope it's a good one. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I'm sad I missed your visit!! I live a block away from Last Chance :) next time....

  3. It sounds like a nice trip, despite the heat :)


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