June 27, 2011

meet me at the fair!

We went to the San Diego County Fair with some friends on Saturday and had a great time. It was insanely crowded and took us 40 minutes just to park. However, it was a beautiful day and we had a fun time watching the kids and their excitement.
Our first fair stop was the petting zoo. William is really into saying his animal noises lately so it was fun to watch him recognize the cow and pig and goats. He was running from animal to animal like a wild man. It was pretty cute to watch.
don't worry about my sunglasses. they're just bent really wonky.
Then we headed over to a few fun rides. William was obessed with the swing ride and the little train that he had to crank to go. He rode both rides twice and then this happened when it was over. So sad.
He was as sure about the carousel as he was at Disneyland but once it started, he was happy.
Fairs are so funny. We spent way too much money because everything is so overpriced but for some reason, we spend money on things we don't need - like cotton candy and funnel cake. Good thing it's once a year!

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  1. The memories are worth it! I can't wait to take my boy this year. Have to wait until October though! Boo!


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