June 28, 2011

a tea party for girls

When I was a little girl my mom would help me host tea parties for my friends. We would don our prettiest dress-ups and bring our dolls (I had Molly) while my mom served up fried scones dusted with powdered sugar and gave us something to drink (probably just water in little teacups)! She still does this with her grandbabies and they all love it! My mom is fantastic at making each of her 40+ grandchildren feel special.
So, last week I decided to have a grown-up tea party with two of my friends but instead of dolls we brought our babies. Aarean's baby, Sage, was the prettiest little thing I ever did see. Aren't her pink painted piggies just scrumptious? I could have nibbled on them (but that might have freaked her mom out)!
Of course, Boston and Will were the handsomest boys and they were well-behaved too! Like little English gentlemen!
pretty sure Sage was crying because Will sat on her hand. sorry Sage!
I made cucumber sandwiches, egg curry sandwiches and cranberry orange scones and served up herbal tea in my little teapot from Ireland. It was fun to be so girly!


  1. How lovely. I want to to one now too. And I see your chair! I LOVE it!

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  3. you sure know how to throw a great tea part-ay!! :-) and it was ever so "delightful"....I'm not gonna lie...nibbling on Sagey's toes is always apart of my daily schedule.ha

  4. Your chair is amazing! I thought it could not look any better and you out did yourself. Could you please post your finger sandwich recipes. Those look scrumptious! What a great idea. I think I will do this for my mom on her birthday!

  5. Love the chair! Those are the colors for my babies room so I'm wondering where you got that darling pillow?

  6. Nice subtle way to show off your chair. :) I love it!


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