June 7, 2011

house tour: william's bedroom

This is William's room in the new house. I haven't made many changes from his room in our old apartment but this room has a lot more light and is pretty large so he does like to play a little more in his room.
I love the wood floors in our house but it does make it trickier to sneak in and out of the babe's room undetected. So I bought this white flokati rug from Home Decorators and I love it. It's ultra-soft and perfect for a baby's room. I was worried about the white but I have had virtually no problem with keeping it that way.  I'm thinking that it's time to get rid of the bumper since he's so big now so I may have to make some changes soon but I like that it's bright and colorful.


  1. What a happy room! Love the rug!!

  2. i was just catching up on your blog and LOVE what you've done with your place, so beautiful. love that piano especially!

  3. HI! Where did you cute the cute bunting hanging on the wall? I love it!


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