May 10, 2011

a surprise for jam-star

It was my dear friend, Jamie's, birthday a couple of weeks ago and her husband commissioned my other dear friend, Aarean, and I to throw her a surprise party. His e-mails to us were hilarious. The best one was when he wrote, "I changed my gmail password. She may think I am having an affair, but she sure as bleep isn't going to find out about this party." We thought up these elaborate surprise tactics and totally had her bummed that we weren't doing anything for her birthday. In fact, we told her we had other things going on so we had made plans to have cake and ice cream another day.
before I painted the table that David made.
Lucky for her, we actually had planned a big shin-dig including all her favorite things. A bouquet of gerber daisies on the table, decorations in her favorite colors (her husband even picked them out), my homemade lasagna, breadsticks from a local Italian restaurant and her sister was in town to make the birthday girl's requested banana cake. We totally had her fooled (and all the babies freaked out)!
And speaking of fools - I look like this one in this video. I'm a maniac, maniac on the floor!

Unfortunately (or was it?) David and Josh decided to also make themselves some awesome speedos out of the decorations. Inappropriate but funny. If only we had a giant cake for them to pop out of . . . next year, Jamie. Next year.


  1. You guys are so amazing for doing this! I had the best time. I just can't believe all of you were able to keep the secret! Thank you sooo much for all your hard work, it was a spectacular party with way yummy food, good friends, and lots of laughs!! A perfect birthday!

  2. As for Kyle's comments and Josh and Dave's outfits...I just have no words.


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