May 11, 2011

just a picture

I have no idea how this could be comfortable but it must have been for him. He's usually using the bumper as a pillow but sometimes I find him nestled in one of the corners. He is so cute, you guys. I know I'm his mom but he is crazy adorable. There's pretty much nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.


  1. The poor kid is totally squished in there! Time to get rid of the bumper. :)

  2. I don't know, it looks kind of cozy in there. But those are some serious bumpers! Love the fabric!!

    And yes, there is something so sweet about a sleeping baby. I often take pictures of our kiddos when they sleep :)

  3. Nothing cuter than a sleeping baby - except maybe that bumper! Love those colors.

  4. Yeah they are seriously cute & hefty :) Did you find or make them, Liz?


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