October 25, 2010

I can see clearly now {with glasses}

I have really horrible eye sight. I've worn glasses since elementary school and finally switched to contacts the summer after seventh grade because I had heard the phrase "boys don't make passes at girls in glasses" one too many times . . . and I was really boy-crazy.
don't the red sides blow your mind?

During my most recent eye exam I asked my optometrist what my vision would be. He told me that they don't use the old "20/20" classifications anymore for prescriptions but after much prompting he finally threw out a number of "20/1500". Maybe he was joking to prove a point that I am practically blind but he couldn't be that far off because I can't see the hand in front of me without help.

So, I got new glasses and I love them. David loves it when I wear them. He's really into the "secretary/librarian" look (although he really hates my matching bun) so I guess the old saying "men don't make passes at women in glasses" is untrue. At least in my case.


  1. Beautiful glasses! I am shortsighted, too, and I have always had problems to find pretty glasses. They are all too wide for me. Is your sight still worsening? Do you do any eye-exercises?

    P.S.: Nice blog, keep writing! ;)

  2. You are so pretty. And... I used to hate my glasses when I was in highschool... but now that I am older I love glasses, and my husband loves when I wear them too. I love you in your glasses.

  3. I got an eye exam for new glasses over a year ago and still haven't bought new glasses! My are so outdated I never wear them out of my house! You look amazing in those glasses! I can see why Dave digs the librarian/secretary look!... you know he loves the bun come on!

  4. Chicks in glasses are HOT. You look fantastic! I haven't had contacts in years and I'm never going back.

  5. You look so skinny! I going to have to break down and get some glasses one of these days. I don't think I will look as cute as you.

  6. those are awesome, nicely done.


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