October 22, 2010

firsts: walking

People, he is walking! This little boy has been taunting us with months of hand-held walking and cruising around the furniture so, if you can't tell by my voice (and heavy breathing) in this video, I was a little excited to see my baby taking off in his orange Halloween socks yesterday!

One of the best parts of watching him do this was that he kept squealing "dada?" as he walked along as if to say, "Where's Dad? He'd be so proud of me right now!" He is so cute I could die.

Many people have warned me that I should hold off encouraging walking as long as possible because "they get into everything". In our case William was crawling everywhere, pulling himself up and then climbing on top of furniture so he was getting into just as much crawling as he will be walking. The biggest advantage to walking instead of crawling is that his clothes will hopefully not get as filthy! I can't believe that he's big enough to be walking around (but doesn't he look so tiny with his little legs?)

P.S. Sorry the video is so crummy. I need a good video camera for moments like these but, let's be honest, grabbing my iPhone is so much easier!


  1. Oh, that was just too cute!!!! It's weird how one day they just decide 'no more crawling'.

  2. OMG!!! How adorable. Love the onesie ~ and orange socks :)

  3. I love his happy squeals!! Steve and I watched that video together and both of us miss him (and you and Dave too!) I'm so happy he's finally walking! It really is better when they start walking (they do get into more stuff) but at least their clothes and hands don't get as dirty!

  4. Crawling babies are just as "into everything" as walking babies, and they are definitely dirtier! Walking is a *good* thing. Yay William!


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