October 26, 2010

"these are my recreation clothes."

So I know that this isn't the first time someone has dressed up their child like the infamous Nacho Libre but when I saw this picture of my adorable nephew, Beck, I nearly spewed water out of my nose from laughing so hard. Not only did they really get the outfit right, but Beck's expression is priceless (a little peevish and a bit of "fake smile" mixed in with just the tiniest hint of teeth. See what I mean????)
Well done, Stephen and Leone. Well done.


  1. AWESOME! I totally wanted Sam to dress up like Nacho Libre for Halloween- but it might not be as adorable seeing him in spandex... hahaa! What a cute kiddo!

  2. Hi - regular reader, infrequent commenter. I was just reading a letter from a missionary who is serving in Pacific Beach and he was talking about a baby dressed as Nacho at a ward party. I don't think it's the same baby but such a coincidence deserved a comment.

  3. Love it!! Ps- I was wanting to tell you I made sweet potato shepherd's pie the other night. I substituted asparagus for peas, because it was what I had.... delish! Love your recipes on your blog, keep them coming!


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