August 9, 2010

dear bluewater

Bluewater Days was wonderfully fun. The ranch was especially green this year and it rained every day, which was a much-needed treat for this land in the New Mexico desert.
One of the best parts of Bluewater Days is when we build a huge campfire, toast marshmallows for s'mores and sing Western songs accompanied by someone on the guitar. This year my brother-in-law, Jay, learned all our regular campfire songs but in addition to that, he and my sister sang a parody of the old Western song "Cool Water" (sung by the Norman Luboff Choir). Jay and Alice are really talented at re-writing the lyrics to popular songs. Jay is hilarious and Alice is sentimental so the songs are always great - funny but also sweet. This was one of their best yet.

Bluewater (Jay sang the italicized words in falsetto and had us all laughing)
You drive all day, I-40 way
At seventy-five miles an hour . . . to Bluewater (water)
Past twenty-seven billboards hawking fireworks and ice cream (ice cream)
In . . . Bluewater (fireworks)

So long ago
The ranch did grow
And carried on . . . 'cuz father (Russell)
Loves . . . Bluewater (water)

Better look alive
Put your truck in 4-wheel drive
You'll be lucky to survive
It's a really bumpy ride to Bluewater (oil pan)
Hey, can ya see just beyond the pinon tree
Where the kids can run free
And it's waitin' there for you and me . . . water (rattlesnakes)
Dear . . . Bluewater (water)

The douser here
He heard dad's prayer
And showed him where there's water (douser)
In . . . Bluewater (water)

Catch another mouse
Help restore the old house
Ride a quad with your spouse
Watch the clouds or you'll be doused with water (flash flood)

Make a bonfire
And we'll sing like a choir
If you get a flat tire
You won't find a man for hire . . . not in (tire)
Dear . . . Bluewater (water)
Dear . . . Bluewater.


  1. Fits it to a "T". I love it! They are so talented and did an awesome job!

  2. Sure wish you would have recorded that one and put it on youtube. I would have loved to have seen it!


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