August 5, 2010


Yesterday was the four year anniversary of when my dear David asked me on bended knee to marry him in the barn at Bluewater. His voice quivered, his eyes were wet but I remember that his hands remained big and strong as he held mine.

I went down to the barn yesterday and remembered that day and how happy I was and how much happier I am now - something I didn't think was possible.

announcing our engagement just moments after it happened.
I'm eternally thankful he asked me and eternally happy I said yes.
photo shoot in the barn the next day.


  1. My husband calls the anniversary of our engagement our "yessaversary", because it's the anniversary of the day I said yes. How cute is that? Congrats.

  2. that's so sweet + very cute that you remember to commemorate your proposal. :D

  3. Oh, congrats! It's so nice that you still remember those special moments in addition to your wedding anniversary. Have a fun time!

  4. How cute you look in that last picture!!

    What a blessing to find the love of your life!

    sandy toe

  5. That is really sweet. Please come home now so we can play!


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