August 10, 2010

bluewater days 2010: day two

I'm back in San Diego and it is nice, nice, nice to be home! I missed my bed and William's crib and our lovely, balmy breeze at night and my kitchen but I also surely miss all the fun we had at the ranch.

I took, oh, about a million pictures so bear with me. Our first few days we were sans David so we took a whole bunch of shots in the front yard . . .

and then some of William with Grandpa's cowboy hat on.

I love this picture of William, Jane and Jimmy - the three redheads of the group (although we could have added my older brother, Strawberry Steve, and another nephew, Andrew).

Grandmary with William, Jane, Claire, Brett and Lucy (who didn't get the memo about smiling for the camera).


  1. Not sure if you remember me, Rachel Favreau now Knight. I just thought I would say how perfect your little one is. Just beautifully perfect. I love the blogging world.

  2. Love all the pictures, Liz. The second picture from the top is stunning! I can't wait to see more!

  3. lovely pics. i think that first photo and the last one deserve to be framed!


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