August 11, 2010

bluewater days 2010: riding round the ranch

David arrived at the ranch mid-week and it was so much better having him there! I really missed him a lot and it was so nice to have another pair of hands to make sure William didn't eat any spiders crawling in between the slats of the wood floors or that he didn't meander his way over to any rattlesnakes in the front yard (and believe me, he could have - we killed three that week)!

We took several drives on the quads with William, which was so much fun! He loved it and was "all-boy" with his obsession with the quad and how it worked. In fact, this week he learned how to make a motorcycle noise. I didn't teach it to him - he just started doing it when he pushes his little cars around!
Grandpa and Uncle Peter talking about their plans for the ranch.

But it was also productive because it put Will right to sleep.
don't make fun. I know I look like a total doofus!
I'm not normally one to put "punk" things on my baby but with the crazy sun beating down on us + William refusing to wear the adorable cowboy  hat I had for him + us forgetting sunscreen, I had to improvise so I put this bandana around his head just to give him some cover and then it ended up being insanely cute.


  1. I love quads. I can't tell you how many times my grandkids took long naps on those quads. They would sleep sound over the bumpiest roads and then as soon as you turn the quad off they were awake. Go figure.

    William looks adorable with the 'punk' look. lol.

  2. so fun! That pic with Dave and Will on the quad is priceless!

  3. Hahah! What a rockin' little boy.

  4. I love the pure joy that William has on his face while on the quad! He looks adorable w/ the bandana on his head!!!

  5. My dad said he saw you guys. We were always so excited when you guys came into town for your reunions and we could go see you all. Those were the days!!

  6. That bandana is "insanely cute"!!!! What beautiful country! That looks like so much fun to go quad riding there! I'm jealous!! :)


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