August 12, 2010

bluewater days 2010: a photo series

This is the last of my Bluewater Days posts! I know, I know - enough already! But these are some of the best pictures because my so talented brother took most of these.
Peter and David riding quads.

my dad showing the guys around the ranch. quad style.
Aunt Alice holds William before the kids do their annual "concert"/variety show.
a crazy thunderstorm (accompanied by quarter-sized hail) watched from the front porch swings.
fireworks show from the rooftop.


  1. I'm very sad that there won't be any more Bluewater posts! :( I must say the the pic with the clouds and water should be in a magazine somewhere. Incredible! I love your blog, Liz.

  2. Really? You posted THAT photo of me and Will? Ugh. You should have cropped me out. :) Hopefully, everyone is too distracted by Will's cuteness to notice me.....

  3. i'm not sick of these pictures at all, i want more!!! but i love you and i love your family so....

  4. that second photo of the landscape is AMAZING.

  5. The photos are amazing and Alice you are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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