August 13, 2010

growing up: 9 months

My sweet baby is 9 months old. This month seems to be a turning point of sorts with him. I feel like he has matured so much in his personality and is such a funny person. He loves to throw his head back and "laugh" (something I do, I'm embarrassed to admit). He has learned lots of new noises and loves to play with cars, trucks and anything metal. Nothing girly about this boy! He acts pretty tough when he falls and has a very strong will to explore the world, but at the end of the day he is incredibly sweet and cuddly and will spend most of the day kissing my cheeks, wrapping his soft, baby arms around my neck, flashing a perfect grin at me from the backseat of the car and filling my life with more love than I ever imagined I could feel.

with pops at m & a's wedding.
At this point he is:
Walking while holding only one hand for support.
Sporting a fully-grown top tooth + half of another top tooth + two somewhat crooked bottom teeth.
Climbing on everything from the ottoman to the end tables to the piano bench. Lots of falls.

People comment about:
His cheesy grin.
Those BIG brown eyes that would even melt the heart of Ebeneezer Scrooge.
How quickly he'll smile at you from across the room, without much prompting.
The sweet curls he gets around his ears.


  1. That first year goes by way too quickly - I'm glad you're enjoying everything about it :)

  2. Oh my goodness this made me want to meet him even more! Jordan would LOVE him so much and they sound like they would be smiling buddies, she smiles just like he does.

  3. Your little mister makes me want a brown-eyed baby boy one day. He is so.handsome.

  4. wow it does so by so fast! he's a little man now! ps- we are in california, but kind of far from you and the thomas' for another 17ish months. then we will be down in san diego land so we will have to meet up for sure!


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