May 20, 2010


Many of you know of the joys of teething. Sleepless nights, the biting of "you know where" and wailing and gnashing of new acquired teeth. There are dark nights at 3 a.m. when you're crying with your baby because you're so tired that you'll do anything to relieve their aching gums (I love you natural teething tablets).
I've been so sad that William doesn't want to snuggle with me anymore when I put him to bed. He's just so interested in everything and has gained so much independence. It breaks my heart every time he pushes his fists against my chest to release himself from my arms. But I have to thank teething just a little bit because there are a few nights when bringing my little baby to bed with me and snuggling him in our soft sheets is the only way to comfort him.

I was reading a few family stories from a book that my sister compiled several years ago and was reminded that my love of snuggling started at an early age (4 years old to be exact). My older sister, Debbie, told this story: "Today mother told Elizabeth that she must take a nap. She came to me and asked if I was going to take a nap too. I said, 'Yes! I love to take naps!' and asked her if she wanted to take a nap with me. She emphatically said, 'No!' As I prepared to take a nap, she changed her mind and with big eyes said, 'Let's get a blanket and snuggle!'"

There you have it folks. I'm a real sucker for physical closeness.


  1. oy, that bed looks divine :-)

  2. I find you are either really a snuggler or you are really not! My husband is, I, regretfully, am not. Maybe William will return to his snuggling roots one day.

  3. 3 Things:
    1- White sheets + divine light (coming from right up) = 2 cute angels taking a nap. :)
    2- My baby boy is 8 months old now (not teething yet) and he also brings tears to my eyes each time he pushed me away while in my arms... I feel helpless every time I'm being replaced by a toy - or the floor. (yikes!)
    3- Being a "sucker for physical closeness" is the best!

  4. My daughter is almost 4 and I still want to snuggle every night. There is nothing better than smelling her fresh and clean hair and skin.

  5. Teething was not bad with my first 2 but with my third it has been miserable. Also, I've used the hyland's teething tablets with my other 2 but with this last one I thought to myself, "I wonder if it just seems to work because I feel like I've done something." Then I decided to look at the ingredients and it has coffee in it which seems odd to me.

  6. Love that picture of you two sleeping. I was sad when each of my kids grew out of snuggling. But I have found that if I gave them their space, they returned to snuggling...even asking for it! My too-cool nine year old likes to sleep in his sister's 2nd bed so that he can get snuggled when I am done snuggling his sister. So William will come back to you, again and again!! :) Good luck with the teething. Frozen washcloths and big enormous carrots were helpful for my little one.


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