April 12, 2010

you fill up my senses like a night in a forest

Our trip to Arizona was so fun. I did NOT want to come home. Seriously, on Sunday I looked at plane tickets so that I could stay a few more days. Alas, they were too pricey.

We got to my parent's house late Wednesday night and went straight to bed. The next morning we woke up, Steve and Erin picked us up and we headed out. It took us forever to get to the mountains because of construction and crying babies . . . and the stop we made for green chili burritos in Globe might have also had something to do with it. I love David's face in this picture. He's really cute.
I was a bad girl and had to steal all of these photos from Erin's blog because I was too busy having fun.
These men are such good dads. It was so fun watching them hold our babies while Erin and I got to chat.
Scary story: We took a walk on the golf course near David's family cabin. We went to check out the house since no one was there and as we pulled in David noticed that the front door was open. He quickly handed William to me and went inside while my heart was racing on the front lawn. After shouting, "Is anyone there? We have a gun!" a few times and with no answer, he took Steve's pistol and checked the whole house: behind shower curtains, in closets, behind doors. Once it was clear that no one was there, we took a nice walk around the golf course.
Parker is so cute, I could die. Literally every stranger we met said, "Oh! Look at those blue eyes!" I have a feeling his eyes will always get him what he wants. And those little tic-tac teeth kill me.
Erin and I like to take cheesy pictures together. Parker's face is so funny in this one!
The next day we went to the lake and took a long, nice walk while David and Steve "played catch". I thought it was so cute that they specifically brought gloves so they could throw a baseball around. Boys are funny.
I had so much fun just talking to Erin. We didn't do much as far as exciting activities (mostly just lounging around) but I just love spending time with them! I got my mountain fix with good friends, good food and John Denver on the radio! It was perfect.


  1. lookin' good liz!

    i'm sorry we only got to see you for a few seconds as you were leaving.

  2. You guys are so cute! Looks like you had a blast.

  3. next time can i come? lol. no but seriously.


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