April 9, 2010


Welp, we're off to Arizona again (but this time I'm bringing my boy and my man). On the agenda:

Going to the cabin with Steve, Erin and Parker. I cannot wait. We love the cabin. We love the mountains. We love Steve and Erin and Parker. We can't wait to build a fire, watch our manly men chop wood, make yummy food and listen to John Denver (well, maybe the John Denver thing is really just for me - so sue me).
Then a family reunion for my grandfather and Erin's grandmother's posterity. Funny story of how this all happened. My cousin, Joseph, married a lovely girl named, Heather. Soon after they were married, my parents moved to Ohio for the summer to serve a mission and Joseph and Heather moved into my parent's house for the summer. David and I often went out with Joseph and Heather and we decided to throw a Cinco de Mayo party soon after they moved in. Heather invited several of her friends including Erin and Steve who had only been married a few months. We sat by Erin and Steve at the party and had a good time talking to them. The next weekend, I invited them to have dinner with us and to play games. We had a good time and I found out that Erin was a talented hairdresser. A month or so later, I booked an appointment with her and was thrilled with her coloring abilities - one always needs a talented stylist, you know. A month or so after that, I was asked to sing at my mother's aunt's funeral (my grandfather's sister). When I arrived at the viewing, I saw Erin sitting across the row from me. We gave each other puzzled looks and asked each other what the other was doing there. Turns out, I was singing at her grandmother's funeral! All that time we were second cousins and didn't know it! I feel like we're kindred spirits. Anyhow, because of our kindled friendship, this has sparked a reunion of our families. I love it!


  1. What a fun trip! I love the outdoors.

  2. Hope you guys have a great time! Save some energy for the reunion... it's gonna be a blast!

  3. I love the story about how you and Erin found out you were cousins. It's really pretty funny and pretty sad and probably pretty common. Hence--Family Reunions!!

  4. I haven't blogged in days and finally saw this post! We had so much fun at the cabin with you guys!... and we are totally kindred spirits!! I love it!!!!!!!! I'm so glad we finally met. Long lost cousins finally reunited!!! :)


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