April 13, 2010

extended family reunion

Our family reunion was a success! It was a beautiful day in Phoenix even if it was really hot. 90 degrees in April? That's just wrong. Erin's parent's house was beautiful though.
David was the photographer and got some great shots. Like this one of Erin. She should be a model. That girl is seriously stunning (don't mind my double chin to the left there).
I had so much fun catching up with my cousins. My darling cousin Orinda was there and I love her so much. We chatted about her trip to New York, Michael Buble and her recent relationship drama. She kills me!
My sisters had fun playing with William and my older sister, Alice, had a good time trying to trick him into thinking I was her.
It worked for a while. Don't we look alike?
An awesome shot of Erin and me. It's not a great picture of either of us but it shows how we are together. I guess we bring out the cheesiness in each other.
David also got these pictures of my younger brother and his girlfriend (a.k.a. my soon-to-be SIL). They are so photogenic, they make me sick. It's like they physically can't be ugly in pictures.
Even this one where David caught Marcus helping move some of the chairs and Ashley walking behind. I mean, no big deal right? Wrong. They look like models.
Whereas I just look . . . moving on.
One of the best parts of the day was catching a glimpse into the future: William in three years! My cousin's son looks exactly like how I envision William will look.
 His hair and his coloring and his little face look just like him and I was dying. I guess second cousins can get some of the same genes!
It was a fun reunion and I got to meet some of my family members I didn't even know I had and also catch up with some that I don't see very often. I love having a big family.


  1. I already can't wait for the next reunion... seriously! So fun! Glad that so many came out. I want copies of the pics. You got some great ones! Also, I think you're right, William does look like his cousin!

  2. aww, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  3. I think Erin is so beautiful too, she looks a little like Brooke Burke. And you are beautiful too... and the goodness in your heart shines in all you do... you are inspiring. ;)

  4. You guys are being way too nice right now! Brianna-- that was the nicest compliment ever!! I am so flattered you think I look like her! You guys made me blush! ;) Liz, thank you for not posting the hideous shots your dear husband took of me eating a cookie! I owe you big time. :) Oh, and P.S. Your brother Marcus and Ashley are A-DOR-ABLE! I got some really cute shots of them. They probably thought I was a stocker!

  5. I spelled stalker wrong... just noticed that...

  6. Nice job on the blog, nice pictures, nice comments, nice...you! The reunion really was fun--even for us "older" folks.

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  8. Oh Liz, you always look cute!

  9. alright. thats it. william is absolutely adorable...and so are YOU! And I think you should do a post with at least 10 things you love about yourself. Yep. I do. Because I think you're crazy when you say things about you not looking good in pictures...you are so photogenic! crazy lady.


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